Kuorimahaarukka Super

Kuorimahaarukka vahasulkujen poistamiseen.Ruostumatonta terästä, silikoni varsi.Tukeva malli.

Super Scratcher
ORIGINAL model - life time warranty!
- made with high quality stainless spring steel (no soft metal)
- does not bend!
- silicone rubber is vulcanized on the steel to give the instrument superior lifetime (check it! If you can lift the silicone from the steel you have a copy!)


Lasercut capping scratcher of very high quality

This model is virtually indestructible. It has straight needles that are cut directly into spring steel.

It is especially well suited for old combs and giving automatically uncapped frames a final finish. This model has a comfortable silicone coated handle.

40.00€ sis. alv 24%

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